Care + Confidence = Customers

Retail, Service and Leisure Recovery in the time of Covid

There is no denying it, it has been a tough time for us all. With an uncertain future, the way businesses react now will mean the difference between success and failure. The new baseline will be showing customers that they are safe and cared about – the essential building blocks that will hold up future strategies. Showing we care will bring confidence and ultimately customers back to into our businesses.

The ability to be both vigilant and flexible is crucial to ensure that your business can accelerate out of the COVID lockdown successfully.

Social distancing means fewer customers, and many will have less disposable income, so penetration rates will need to be maximised.

Every customer walking through your door is an opportunity not to be missed, an opportunity to prove you care about them, and show how much you have missed them.

3 Customer Care and Safety essentials will ensure that the measures you are implementing will deliver loyal customers:

Show COVID Care for your customers AND staff

Ensure Visitor Confidence

Enhance Customer Experience

  • Are you COVID compliant and ‘Social Distancing Secure’?
  • Are staff 100% clear about procedures and confident in enforcing them?
  • Is your COVID-19 signage clear and easy to understand?
  • Does everyone feel happy and secure?
  • Are your measures making visitors feel confident?
  • Do you have a strategy to learn if anything makes them feel uncomfortable?
  • Have you implemented ‘out of the box’ ideas that would encourage customers back?
  • Are staff raring to go after their time away in the lockdown?
  • Do customers get that ‘wow’ factor in a COVID secure environment?
  • Are staff empathetic and confident in approaching them whilst maintaining a safe distance?
  • Are customers spending their money in your business?

You need to know how staff are feeling and what customers are thinking. Successful businesses will need the data & feedback to react with agility.

Storecheckers’ COVID assured Surveys and Mystery Shopping reports provide accurate live snapshots of your business’s post-lockdown performance from your customers’ and staff’s views. This knowledge will assist your return to profitability by understanding and taking advantage of market shifts.

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