Storecheckers can ensure you meet your statutory, regulatory and quality requirements.

Audit and Compliance Appraisal - Storecheckers' specialist Audit and Compliance Team provides businesses with a low cost alternative to a branch or a store audit team. Some clients opt for a one off targeted review of a single site whilst others commission a series of companywide assessments, for which we can provide flexibility and nationwide coverage. Our experienced and highly trained team deliver robust data and analytical feedback on:

  • Store Standards
  • Security
  • Promotional Adherence
  • Marketing activity
  • Product availability
  • Age Verification

Awards and Accreditation - Storecheckers has specialist experience in Mystery Shopping for tourism bodies and town centre teams promoting awards and accreditation schemes. These have acted as a catalyst to raise business engagement and involvement within the participating Town Centres. Storecheckers are strong advocates of the philosophy of praising success and we have encouraged many of our retail and service clients to adopt this and link our Mystery Shopping programme with ongoing training.

Quality Assessments - Storecheckers offers a Quality Attainment Mystery Shopping service which has been adopted by a number of trade bodies and membership organisations. They use our objective assessments to ensure that members meet their rigorous requirements. In parallel, this service has been adopted by leisure and tourism bodies to help them meet the standards required to pass quality audits from industry and government bodies.