The essence of Storecheckers' route to success encompasses business growth through improved customer service using Mystery Shopping, Market Research and/or Training. The Storecheckers' team is 100% committed to providing our clients with:

Clear and understandable information for:

  • Benchmarking
  • Objective and detailed research and reporting
  • Accurate, fair and transparent analysis

Dedicated Support encompassing:

  • Client support at all times, from our first contact and discussion of your needs and aspirations
  • An ongoing, quality service committed to meeting your needs and objectives. As these change and develop, so will our strategy
  • Support to develop your staff through a variety of measures to aid the journey to improvement
  • Regular consultation meetings to review project results, identify strengths and weaknesses, and ensure that resources can be targeted at the areas most in need
  • Research and visits carried out by our skilled and experienced team who will objectively detail and monitor their experience

Our route to success offers:

  • Flexibility of research methods
  • Instant access reporting facility for detailed and objective reports and statistics, including current and historical data trends
  • Report formats which are easily adapted as your needs change
  • Constant monitoring of researchers, with continuous feedback and training