Become A Shopper

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What is Mystery Shopping?

You may be wondering what Mystery Shopping is used for. Our clients want to know whether the Customer Service Standards they set out for their staff to follow are indeed being adhered to.

To monitor this, they ask us to provide Mystery Shoppers from all walks of life to pose as ordinary, everyday customers in order to assess all aspects of the shopping experience their stores and staff offer.

This feedback is used to assist with any further staff development and training. The reports are also used in order to reward and incentivise staff who have performed well, providing a benchmark to compare future results.

Storecheckers need Mystery Shoppers from all backgrounds. No previous experience is required, just the ability to observe and record accurately and in depth your experiences during your shopping visit.

What do Storecheckers Shoppers do?

You will be asked to visit designated stores with a specific scenario. After reading the guidelines you will carry out the visit and complete the report in detail.

We have a varied assortment of clients and projects. Full training is given to shoppers for all the varying types of work we carry out.

Becoming a Storechecker

  • Work is part time and not guaranteed - some months will be busier than others - we need to alternate shoppers for you to retain anonymity.
  • You will become a member of our friendly team - we speak to all our shoppers on a regular basis and enjoy developing long term friendships together.
  • Your opinion really counts. We listen to what you have to say about our clients, and about us!