Storecheckers offers a complete range of Market Research facilities, covering both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to provide your organisation with the tools to take the right decision to further enhance its business prospects.

Every project is tailor made to meet a client's specific requirements and our research packages can include one or more of the following facilities:

Customer perception and satisfaction survey – in the current economic climate the need to understand the key drivers behind customer loyalty has never been more important. We will work with you identify how best we can get this information, whether by on-line, telephone, IVR, face to face exit surveys or paper questionnaires posted out to respondents.

Storecheckers brings a long track record of working with clients to provide them with objective feedback of their customer's experience as well as identifying their areas of dissatisfaction. Reports are produced in a clear and easily understandable format, designed to highlight key findings and are supported by a suggested action plan for your business to use in response to the feedback.

Staff attitude development review – positive staff morale will deliver a more motivated, enthusiastic and committed shop floor team, one that will generate customer loyalty through the deliverance of brilliant customer service whilst seeking to exceed sales targets. Gain a clear view of your staffs' attitude towards their role, their colleagues and their employer which can then be used to create a dynamism within your branch team that will lead to improved profitability for your business.

Staff surveys can be carried out remotely using on-line or telephone surveys but in other cases clients have used anonymous, confidential face to face interviews with our researchers, completed on site at branches, to deliver invaluable information that has allowed them to action step change improvements in staff performance.

Store exit surveys – questioning as people leave a store or branch provides clients with an instant and responsive assessment of their customers' views of the business they have just used.

Net promoter scores – Storecheckers was one of the first adopters of this customer satisfaction metric based on the answers to the graded question: 'How strongly would you recommend this business to your family and friends?' Implementation of this metric has allowed businesses to focus on this single measure as the means to raise customer satisfaction and loyalty and therefore generate additional revenue.

High street questionnaires – questionnaires are used to interview respondents to identify attitudes and trends of the targeted population. Questioning can include qualitative and quantitative feed back and will be designed to meet the requirements of each assignment. This could range from a survey of visitors in a town centre to interviewing potential customers on their arrival at a business and again on their departure to compare their expectation and experience of the brand.

Focus/Discussion groups – harvesting the ideas generated by shoppers and consumers in small discussion groups structured to cover areas of specific interest to clients.