Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mystery Shopping?

Our clients, whether they are major High Street retailers, restaurants, service industries etc., need to know whether the Customer Service Standards they set out for their staff to follow are indeed being adhered to. In order to monitor this, they ask us to provide Mystery Shoppers from all walks of life to pose as ordinary, everyday customers in order to assess all aspects of the shopping experience that their stores and staff offer. The client then uses this information to assist with staff development and training. The reports are also used in order to reward and incentivise staff that have performed well. They are then used as a bench mark to compare future results.

Assessing your suitability for Mystery Shopping

Storecheckers needs Mystery Shoppers from all backgrounds. No previous experience is required, just the ability to record accurately and in depth your experiences during your shopping visit. Detail is extremely important and our reports need to include full details of what happens during your visit, not just a summary. Presentation is equally important, and you would need to use full punctuation and not write in note form. It is vital that you comply fully with the detailed instructions given to you in advance of each assignment you take, so that it is accepted by the Client. Training and assistance is offered at all stages. It is vital that you are not only observant, but can also express yourself in English, clearly and coherently with a good standard of grammar.

The Jobs

We have a large variety of jobs, which change on a monthly basis. Work is allocated to ensure that the Shoppers' profile matches that of our client. Consequently there may be periods which are very busy in your location, and others which are quiet. You are free to accept or decline the work depending on your own commitments, though once you have accepted an assignment you must honour your commitment and complete the work. As we are a nationwide company we offer work in all areas, so if you are moving location we may still be able to offer you work. You will need either a mobile phone that takes pictures, OR a digital camera as there needs to be a photograph of the location uploaded in each report.

The Pay

Storecheckers do not employ you – you act as an independent consultant to the company for all assignments you complete for us. Storecheckers do not deduct PAYE or National Insurance from the fees that we pay you. You are therefore responsible for declaring your earnings to the Inland Revenue and it is your responsibility to keep records of all work carried out. For further information on completing tax returns, refer to Fees are paid on the basis of the work you have completed. We generally pay from £10-£20 per completed report, although this may vary. We do not generally pay travel expenses, although there are exceptions to this. It is vital that you comply fully with the detailed instructions given to you in advance of each assignment you take, so that it is accepted by the Client. If a report does not meet the required standards and is not accepted by the Client we will be unable to pay you for your work.