What our shoppers say about us

We regularly get feedback from our Shoppers asking them

  • What they think of Storecheckers and Mystery Shopping in general
  • What being a Shopper has done for them
  • How being a Shopper has lightened up their lives
  • How valued they think they are and what their contribution has been

Here is some of our latest feedback:

Shopper with Storecheckers since 2011
" You are the friendliest mystery shop Company that I work for, it is hard to say 'no'  to you when you phone to offer assignments.  Keep up the good work."Karen, Manchester.

Shopper with Storecheckers since 2009
"I have long been passionate about excellent customer service but I have noticed many people only think of giving their views when there is something negative to report and do not bother to give feedback after a positive experience. When I discovered that working as a Mystery Shopper for Storecheckers gave me the opportunity really to become involved in helping organisations reach the highest standards of customer service through candid feedback based on real customer scenarios I jumped at the chance. The work is varied, enjoyable and satisfying and I like to think my efforts are helping companies recognise those employees who are already superb and help the rest to aspire to such greatness." Patricia, Oxfordshire.

Shopper with Storecheckers since 2007
"I originally saw mystery shopping as just a way to make some extra money, but soon found it to be a very interesting, challenging and enjoyable task that can't be taken lightly. Proper preparation is essential, and a good memory a distinct advantage, but after a few visits it all comes together quite naturally. It also helps you notice the service, or lack of it when shopping, or dining out normally. I have worked for Storecheckers for many years now, and have found them to be very fair, and there is a regular supply of varied work to choose from which is all communicated in advance, so you're able to select the visits that suit. I enjoy doing what I can when I can, and the extra income is always handy." Roy, Staffordshire.

Shopper with Storecheckers since 2007
Storecheckers are really the best mystery shopping company with whom I have worked over the last 9 years. They are organised, helpful and friendly. I feel my contribution to Storecheckers' projects has been appreciated by their encouragement and feedback. My mystery shopping work has been so varied and challenging at times. I enjoy the challenges and I have consequently discovered skills that I did not realise I possessed! I have become even more passionate about expecting good customer service and I nowadays go out of my way to get it, outside of mystery shopping assignments. John, Worcestershire

Shopper with Storecheckers since 2005
"Storecheckers are like old friends to me. I have built up a good rapport with the staff and I am offered work on a regular basis. I never know what I am going to be doing from one week to the next it is so varied, and I feel that it is vitally important that retailers and organisations get feedback on their customer service standards. It keeps me active and gives me a purpose. I thoroughly recommend Storecheckers to anyone that can offer reliability, good IT skills and time to spare, to help in this very valuable service." Christine, West Midlands.

Shopper with Storecheckers since 2003
I have enjoyed working for Storecheckers as it has taken me to many varied places, from Betting Shops to Baby stores and Stately Homes to Market stalls. Thanks to Storecheckers the song "Trains and Boats and Planes" has acquired a new meaning and that's not to mention the buses, taxis and good old Shanks's pony. I have had fun working through and acting out the scenarios and then reacting to the varying levels of customer service supplied by the shop staff.  Storecheckers staff are always friendly and helpful and always eager to offer new and exciting challenges. Alan, Warrington.

If you would like to join the Storecheckers' Team then apply here: BECOME A SHOPPER